Body Language Of Men And Women

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What does your body say about you? Do you know what the ground looks like? After one meeting, can you tell me what color her eyes are? Are you able to remember every detail of her face, or can you only remember her shirt and lower? When you meet someone in this world, your body language will completely give away what kind of guy you are. Want to turn off a woman within the first thirty seconds of meeting her? Then stare directly at her chest when introducing yourself. Want her to think that you are a weak and unhappy individual? Then stare down into your drink the whole time you are contemplating making an introduction.

Our body language gives us away. As men, we notice but as women, they seal our fate based entirely on the way we carry ourselves and the way we hold her eyes with ours when we talk or listen. It’s an amazing gift they have, the ability to tell us all about ourselves just through the messages our bodies send when we sit, stand, walk, talk, or listen. They can tell whether we have a low self image, whether we are nervous or confident. They can even tell whether our fathers were losers bums or our mothers mistreated us. How they glean all of this information from the way we hold our bodies, I will never know. But I know that making yourself aware of your body and body language is well worth the effort.

Okay, so you have some pretty poor posture and you slouch when you sit and tend to look down (or chest level) too often. Sure, I could tell you the benefits of wandering about your home balancing a book on the top of your head, but that type of serious posturing is really more for the Baryshnikov types of the world. Men don’t normally walk like that. However, check out your stance in the mirror. What is your impression of you when you see you standing there? Do your shoulders sag forward as though you’re carrying some terrible family secret? Are you? Do you give yourself a double chin but slouching forward at the hips and maintain a downward glance? These things are correctable, and they are correctable in two ways.

Correcting poor body language can be done either from the outside or the inside. If you are going to correct it from the outside, you are going to have to become aware of your posture all of the time until it becomes a habit. In most cases, you have to perform a task repetitively for at least thirty days before it becomes habitual. Check out your walk, the way you sit, and the way you stand. These are the three basic body language positions that will give you away very quickly. You might be a fabulous guy and great partner potential. She’ll never know that unless you stand up straighter and look her directly, but gently, in the eyes when talking and listening. If you have a dog or a cat, practice looking at them while talking if you feel silly practicing with yourself in the mirror.

Of course, maybe you don’t want to practice at all at home. It seems like a girly thing to do, doesn’t it? It’s your choice but relieving yourself of an old habit is almost impossible without sufficient practice. Spending a little time evaluating your posture can save you years in the dating scene. If you aren’t going to practice at home, then practice absolutely everywhere you go. Stand up straighter, look everyone in the eye with a direct but kind gentleness, shake hands like a man, and walk like you have purpose.

You can also help enhance your posture by working from the inside out. Usually, it is our emotional baggage that brings our shoulders down and prevents us from making firm but gentle eye contact. It can be the gift of abuse your parents gave you or it can be some horrendous secret you feel you keep from the world, but dragging and sagging shoulders are definitely a sign of feeling afoul. Eye contact is difficult for those who haven’t been able to feel good about themselves. Using eye contact can feel intimidating and even a little vulnerable. Thus, women receive a lot more information by the way your eyes react to hers than anything else. If they dart away quickly, they see deceit. If they continually cruise to her chest, she will see a pig. And if they stay cemented on the floor, she will see an emotional project.

The better you feel about yourself the more likely you are to walk with authority, stand up straight, create warm and inviting eye contact, and of course, appear approachable even from a distance. The more you can forgive yourself for your past mistakes and the more you realize that you have immense value in this world, the more open you will appear because you will honestly become more open. Aside from the huge bonus of sending off the right physical signals to the women you hope to meet, you will also feel like a downright way better person with a lot to offer any woman. You might even be surprised at the changes that can happen in other areas of your life.

Men with strong postures are more readily promoted, have more intelligent and attractive wives, and even have more friends. Using good posture to portray that you are a strong and proud man is a normal part of our everyday living. Of course, since we’ve been out of high school long enough to forget the ruler up the back when we were slouching in our seats, we might need to find other ways of reminding ourselves that we need to walk tall and stand with confidence.

Posturing is so vital that men have been known to take week long seminars on improving your posture. Every one of those seminars runs about $1000 minimum, with many in the $3000 to $5000 range. It seems a little cheaper to dig deep, let go, and believe in yourself as much as and as often as possible. You are a good catch. It is perfectly okay for you to know that fact.

Women know when you’re faking it. They seem to have an innate radar that tells them exactly what you are feeling and how much you don’t want them to know. Your eye contact will tell them everything they need and more within the first thirty seconds of meeting. No matter what your little fluff belly might look like or your concerns are regarding the size of your personal matters, your eyes are her peephole into whether she has the time to stop and talk to you or not. Given that, it would truly make sense to spend some time evaluating how much you give away with you eyes and your body’s posture in order to come across as the competent and capable man you really are.

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