Belly Button Jewelry – Three Reasons Why Belly Button Jewelry is So Popular

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Two of the first types of piercings most people get is in their ear lobes and navels. Earrings are very traditional and popular jewelry items, but it seems belly button jewelry is too. Why is navel jewelry so popular? Here are three reasons that tell the story…

Even though it may seem like it, belly button jewelry is actually not a recent development. It has actually been around for centuries, dating back to Egyptian and Aztec Indian cultures. Piercings and rings or other items of jewelry adorned to those piercings indicated a persons place in society, or an achievement of some sort.

Hollywood has also influenced the popularity of this type of jewelry. Over sixty years ago, movie producers knew their movies would be more popular if beautiful young actresses revealed their midriff in films. Conservative as times were though, it made sense to cover up the navel with a jewel or precious stone, providing a more glamorous effect.

The trend continued in the last few decades, influenced particularly by the even changing music scene. And since musicians are a big part of pop culture, it is only natural that jewelry worn in the navel has remained on the scene and exploded in popularity. Now, it is almost an essential fashion statement, particularly for younger females.

Let’s take a closer look at three reasons why navel jewelry is so popular today…

Making A Fashion Statement

Any type of unique clothing or accessories allows you to make a fashion statement, and it’s especially true with body jewelry. It helps complete a certain look you want to portray and calls attention to your sense of style.

With so many different types and styles available, it is just as easy to dress an outfit or overall look “up” as it is to present a more casual persona. Either way, you can make a fashion statement depending on the event, time of day, or who you are with.


Because of where on the body it is worn, belly button jewelry adds allure and appeal to your look. It accentuates the curvy area of the waistline and highlights the midriff. Both areas are eye catching and your jewelry will add to the overall appeal.


Finally, navel jewelry is popular because it is extremely versatile. There are age appropriate varieties available from teens to women in their 40’s and beyond.

Also, the many styles of the jewelry itself can not only complete a look but portray an image. You can go with something sleek and stylish or edgy and alternative.

This jewelry is also available in many different compositions, like 14 carat gold, surgical steel, plastic, glass, silver, and more. We always recommend 14k gold and surgical steel because they are the most durable and offer you the lowest chance of skin irritations and possible infections.


There’s a reason why belly button jewelry is surging in popularity. Not only is it appealing, it’s also very versatile. You can opt for a particular look and image depending on the style you choose to wear. Further, the many different varieties available help you express your own unique vibe and individuality.

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