Being a Good Wingman – 7 Tips to Make You a Legendary Wingman

Becoming a legendary Wingman isn’t something that happens overnight. It takes practice and perseverance. And since practice doesn’t take place sitting in front of your computer screen, let’s get to work.

Below is a list of tips that should help you out in your quest to be a better Wingman. The list is based on tips by various pickup artists and all around bad ass and smooth guys. Some of these include hilarious internet sensation Tucker Max, Pickup artist Rob Gray and various other tips from around the internet. Of course I’ve also thrown in some of what I found to work well.

  1. The Goal – This is your mission objective. It is what you are going for and what you want to achieve at all costs. The plan may vary depending on how it’s going, but the goal remains constant. Of course the goal is to score a girl for your Pointman. Keep this in the back of your mind. Achieving the goal or striking out is what determines if you’re a legend or a loser. It’s all about results.
  2. Clean Up – As a Wingman, it’s your duty to assist your Pointman in achieving the goal, therefore; it is your duty to make the Pointman look good. This can mean any number of things from making sure he hasn’t slopped food down his shirt to digging him out if he says the wrong thing. Accidents do happen – your job is damage control.
  3. Interference Prevention – At some point, you may encounter another guy who is also gunning for your Pointman’s target. He is the enemy. It’s important that while making the Pointman look good, you make the enemy look ridiculous. You just need to do it in a way that makes him look like a joke, but isn’t too malicious. If he’s spouting off cliché pickup lines and covered head to toe in Tapout gear, you shouldn’t have much problem.
  4. No Fear – At times there may be potential for embarrassment. In the process of making your Pointman look good, you may make yourself look bad. Don’t worry about it. This isn’t about you. Any action you get at the end of the night is just gravy. Girls are very aware of the Pointman – Wingman strategy and if you get called on it, you may look foolish… Oh well.
  5. The Friend – Girls don’t go out alone. They will take with them at least one friend. The Friend’s duty is to ruin the Pointman any chance she gets. Because of this, your job is to distract her. Make her more interested in you than she is in destroying The Pointman’s chances. In doing this, you stop a potential block. The Friend can also provide valuable information on The Target. This information can be of great importance to The Pointman. Just remember that too much asking about The Target can remind The Friend of her duties. Moderation is key.
  6. Communication – You should be able to read every single signal your Pointman puts out. This is why it’s extremely important for you and your Pointman to know each other well. It’s extremely difficult to meet some guy and just become his Wingman. Everyone has different body language and you should know each other’s. Pay attention to what is going on.
  7. Jumping the Grenade – As if you didn’t think this one would make the list. Jumping the Grenade is the ultimate sacrifice. It’s what separates real men from the little boys. It’s not always easy, but often necessary. You may luck out and The Friend might not be all that bad, but regardless; you’re committed. Suck it up and just go for it. If nothing else, it’ll make a good story and secure your position as a true Wingman.
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