Basic Diaper Bag Essentials

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Does your back ache from carrying around endless baby supplies? Are the sundry items lost in the vast realm of the diaper bag, possibly never to be seen again? Simplify your life by creating the bare essentials diaper baggie. You will be happier knowing that you can focus on your baby instead of worrying if you are forgetting something as you head out for a few errands.

The bare essentials baggie is for the few hours you will be gone. Do not expect it to replace a fully packed bag for full day ventures. It can be kept and replenished over and over again as it is used. You may find you want to assemble a few of them or a week’s worth because they are so small and simple. Just grab a completed one from a shelf while walking out the door.

The simple list begins with 2 diapers and a small container of wipes. Include enough wipes for diaper changes as well as any clean-ups for snacks or spit ups. A small tube of skin ointment can be used for diaper rash as well as small scrapes or chapped lips. Make sure that if using it for the latter causes that ointment tip does not become contaminated by treating diaper rash skin and then the touching the container tip again. If in doubt, carry single use packets.

Something to occupy a noisy mouth is a great idea. Snacks, lollipops, or pacifiers are all small enough to carry and may save you a serious headache while you are out. Choose what is appropriate for your child and your circumstances. Small toys can replace the aforementioned. If your child has a favorite toy that can calm them or occupy their attention, think about making it the special errand toy that is played with only on special errands with you.

Depending on the age of the child, include a one-piece or a t-shirt. Diapered kids can get away with wearing their diaper and a shirt and you will be glad to have a clean one if there is a need. The creeper or tee can be folded or rolled with a gallon size zip lock style plastic bag. To keep them compact, you may place a rubber band around them once they are rolled together. The soiled clothing or stinky diaper that must be carried with you can now be locked in the bag you brought.

The “baggie” can be any kind of your choosing but a plastic zip-lock is wonderful for this in case you need to seal up more soiled clothes or diapers. It also makes it easy for you to see the item you are grabbing. The clean contents of your “baggie” can be dumped into your purse or your pocket if you need this second bag. At this point there is usually not much left in it to carry.

In summary, choose a baggie that fits your lifestyle. Gather two diapers, baby wipes, ointment, comfort item, t-shirt, and a plastic bag that seals. Throw your gathered items into your baggie. There is no need to arrange the items in the baggie unless you feel you need to. The bare essential diaper baggie can be placed in your purse, your car, or your larger diaper bag for easy access to essential items. You are ready to head out with baby.

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