Baseball Jerseys – The Right Jersey Can Improve Your Baseball Game

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Baseball jerseys are shirts ideally worn when playing baseball. They are either collared or V-necked and some styles can be buttoned from the front. They have the team logo and name on their front and you can find the player’s name at the back. Manufacturers also sell jerseys separately but they are most often sold as part of a baseball uniform.

Kinds of jerseys

Baseball jerseys are classified by the fabric on which they are made of:

o Cotton – Although they are very comfortable, this type is not very durable. They are good when it comes to absorbing sweat but they don’t dry up quickly so they get heavier and wetter as the player continues to perspire.

o Polycotton – Made of polyester threads and blended cotton, they have the combination of the durability from polyester and the comfort from cotton. This fabric is often used for most professional and official baseball uniforms.

o Polyester – Synthetic, plastic-based fabric used in athletic wear and shirts. They are breathable and lightweight but they tend to irritate some skin types. However, they are very durable and tough, which makes them ideal for rough games.

Shopping for a baseball jersey

Use this criteria when shopping for baseball jerseys:

o Fit – The jersey should fit properly over your body. Never buy button-up jerseys if you like moving too much because they can come off or come undone when you are playing roughly. The kind of fit you should be looking for should be a little loose but still clings slightly to your body.

o Comfort – The jersey should be comfortable and light. Choose lightweight fabrics that allow you to move more freely. Furthermore, make sure that it is smooth, soft, and won’t irritate your skin.

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