Awesome Man Boob Exercises

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If you have man boobs then you probably want to get rid of them, right? Well you certainly aren’t alone. It’s a problem that affects so many men. A lot of them search for ways to reduce their man boobs. What they find is that man boob exercises can really help to get rid of them.

But it’s not just the man boob exercises that you need to focus on. You have this problem because you have excess fat on your body. This can be caused by Gynacomastia or simply because you are overweight. So you need to focus on losing body fat in order to lose your man boobs too. You can start that immediately by dieting and watching what you eat.

Let’s look at the various man boob exercise that will help you. The first type of exercise you need to do is aerobic exercises. Things like running, cycling, swimming or even just walking faster than normal. Anything to speed up your heart rate and get you out of breathe. Starting aerobic exercises should be done slowly. You should aim to get to 40 minutes, 4-5 times a week. This is enough to start burning off the fat.

Another set of exercises you can do are resistance training exercises. These usually involve some form of weight training. You can start at home by using free weights. Then move onto working out in the gym when you are more comfortable. Try to work every muscle group during the week. This means you’ll be losing body fat and burning calories from all over your body.

By working the larger core muscle groups such as the thighs and back, this will burn more calories. The more calories you burn each week, the more fat you’ll lose and the smaller your man boobs will appear. Exercises like squats, dead lifts and lunges are great for working these areas best.

So those are the best man boob exercises you can start doing today. Before you know it you won’t be self conscious any longer. Then you’ll be able to stop worrying about people looking at your chest area when you take your shirt off in public.

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