Avoid Scammers – Beware of Designer Handbags Wholesale List Scams!

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It is very common for online sellers who are looking for legitimate handbag suppliers to encounter fraudulent suppliers online. However, it is possible to avoid them. One way is to make a thorough research on the suppliers that you want to do business with. This may take a lot of time and effort from you, but it sure will be worth it in the end. Another way is through following simple guidelines to avoid scammers in the designer handbag industry. If you’re going to search for a legitimate handbag supplier, all you have to do is type wholesale designer handbags in the Google search box, and you’ve got thousands of potential handbag wholesalers.

To be able to spot a scammer, keep in mind this old adage: If it’s too good to be true, then it usually is. Don’t be easily fooled with purchasing so-called wholesale lists. While some of these may be true, others are not. These wholesale lists are being sold in eBay and a variety of other websites, so beware of these lists. Save as much as $7.99 by not buying these designer handbag wholesale lists. Just think about it: What kind of person in her right mind would trade her authentic designer handbag for a mere seven dollars? Too good to be true, right?

The reason is that they really haven’t put much effort into creating the wholesale designer handbag list. What they probably did was just visit Google, typed the keywords “wholesale handbags,” and then included the first 20 results in the so-called wholesale list. Even if it’s just $7, still you can save money if you don’t believe in any of these wholesale lists. Not only will you be able to keep your hard-earned cash; you can also save yourself tons of aggravation.

If you are looking for a legitimate handbag wholesaler that does not require a minimum quantity purchase, then save yourself all the hassle and stop looking for one. Such a wholesaler does not exist, except for dropshippers. If people can buy a piece of Gucci handbag for personal use at a wholesale price, then what would be the point of Gucci boutiques selling a Gucci handbag for a much higher price? It definitely does not make sense, since people sell products in order to make profits. With this kind of setup, having profits is definitely out of the question. Therefore, it is safe to conclude that such a list does not exist.

In summary, always be aware of the possible scamming techniques that illegitimate wholesale suppliers of designer bags may employ. When looking for a legitimate wholesale list, make sure that their offers are reasonable and logical. They should also have lifetime updates and warranty. They should also not be afraid to offer you a 100% money-back guarantee. This way, there is no risk involved in your transactions. You must be very sure that you are not getting scammed. It is best if your supplier has a toll-free number so that you can speak to them directly. If possible, they should be rated by the Better Business Bureau.

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