Are You Prepared With Answers For the Tough Questions?

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You may have to respond to additional questions if the NEW Position applied for has management responsibilities. Know the likely questions and answers before you show up for the interview. Nothing beats being aware and prepared in advance of entering the door of a firm to begin interviewing for a position with a seasoned executive trained as an expert interviewer.

The interviewer may be a psychology educated specialist hired by the firm to find the top candidates. You may only get one shot to make an impression during the initial hiring process. YOU are in the hot spot and hopefully are prepared to give good answers for whatever questions are asked. Otherwise, you may get left in your own wake and disappointment. First, it’s imperative that you have a great attitude for the interview and expect good results in qualifying for the available position.

You may be asked many more questions IF the hiring executive likes what he/she has heard to this point in the interview. Just what YOU wanted to hear, right? However, if the answers you give have been less than satisfactory, the interviewing executive (the sharp ones!) will wrap up the interview and thank you for your time. It happens so don’t be thrown off base. Rejection is part of the hiring process, expect it and understand that you’re not being personally rejected but deemed to not be the person to employ at this time.

Too many hiring Managers waste company time and money as well as your time. If there’s NO match of your skills or talents to the job, then in fairness, you should be told the reasons for rejection and allowed to leave with your dignity still intact. None of us fit every job and you’ll do well to say ~ thanks ~ and keep traveling to your next interview.

Just for fun, we’ve listed possible questions you may be asked during your initial interview. Some answers come from ‘red-neck” corner and not recommended for use if you want the position. Hopefully, you’ll be able to use winner responses to your advantage.

Q & A you may want to rehearse and think about before any of your interviews…

1. What do YOU…. LOVE TO DO?

SALESMAN: I love the challenge of presenting a quality product to a new prospect or a repeat client. I get a real charge from a win/win situation. It’s nice to earn a big fat commission check when you’ve done your best for the client and your employer.

ENGINEER: My real joy comes from seeing a new building rise from it’s foundation, growing one floor at a time, rising to new heights, towering above the city skyscrapers with an unequal appeal to new tenants.

OFFICE MANAGER: There’s a thrill to seeing 45 employees in an office work as a team, encouraging, helping, serving clients by phone, lifting each other up to new levels of success and achievement.

LOSER: I love to FISH! Hunt, too. Take all my vacations. Nothing in life is better than the ole’ hammock and a cold brew, right? I’m still expecting to win the lottery, I play it every payday. Not much else matters except a little money, a cold brew and a good woman to keep you happy.

2. What BOOKS are you CURRENTLY reading?

LOSER: h/she says, I don’t like to read. Haven’t read anything but the newspaper and a few sports magazines in years. Playboy is my favorite monthly. I pick up those mags in the doctor’s office, you know, the dentist waiting room and try to read a little. It’s just too boring, except for the mystery types. Once in a rare while, I’ll pick up a book at the mall and skim through it while waiting on the kids or the ole’ lady at the arcade.

3. HOW do you spend your LEISURE time?

LOSER: My girlfriend/boyfriend LOVE our time off work. We go dancing at the club every Friday night ~ lots of classy broads ~ wet tee-shirt contests ~ and a really cool crowd to hang with. It’s loud, but lots of fun. Just having a great time. Once in a while a brawl breaks out and the police usually have to quiet things down.

5. What did you LIKE about your LAST boss?

LOSER: I worked for a real loser. She had a bad attitude, was a complainer, always using bad language, telling off-color jokes which were not funny, and she looked at me for a big laugh. No way, I don’t take nothin off nobody. You treat me like crap and that’s what you’ll get back.

6. What CONTRIBUTION did you make in your last job?

LOSER: Last year was REALLY a tough one. I was off about 27% from the prior year and things aren’t going so good now. My group is down about 49% already and nothing seems to be working. Everyone pulls against each other and there’s no leadership in sight. Most of the time, we’re just floundering on our own.

7. Where do YOU want to be in 5 years?

LOSER: I just hope to have a JOB ~ not too much responsibility. I prefer to focus on improving my fishing and hunting ~ don’t like challenges. It seems all any employer wants is a slave, someone who’s willing to work long hours and put in lots of overtime. I’m not interested in big goals and hard work, especially working long hours when I could be home sacking out, sleeping or fishing.

8. Who do you most ADMIRE? Why?

LOSER: WOW?? I’ve never given that much thought. I had an uncle one time who drove a truck, ok? An aunt who stayed home with the poor kids, right? I like the bag-boy at the supermarket and the bartender is a nice guy, where I spend my weekends. You don’t get much better down-home folks like those two guys.

9. Why are YOU interested in this company?

LOSER: I lost my job and need another one. Don’t know much about you, but the building looked nice from the road. I heard from the bartender at Tavern Corner that you’re looking for new employees and I’d be willing to give you guys a shot.

10. What contribution can YOU make to our firm?

LOSER: I’m a hard worker. Every day is a new challenge, but I try to make it to work on time, sober, too. Gave up drugs last year ~ only smoke a joint or two on weekends ~ maybe a few too many beers, but who doesn’t, man, I’m into having fun.

I’m sure by this time ~ you’ve gotten the message ~ it really doesn’t matter about the JOB TITLE ~ it’s all about ATTITUDE ~ how you will CONTRIBUTE to the goal ~ how you ENVISION your LOVE for life and expectations as a future employee.

11. What were the EMPLOYEES like in your last job?

LOSER: A bunch of losers. Grumblers. Never worked together as a team. It was everyone for him/herself. Management was the worst ever. No one knew what anyone was supposed to do and waste was going on everywhere, in the plant as well as in the office. People were stealing office supplies to take home and nobody cared.

12. Why did YOU leave your last employer?

LOSER: Too much work. No overtime pay. Bad morale and NO fun! Never got paid on time ~ cheated us out of overtime pay ~ boss always complained when you wanted to take a vacation. Just got tired of it and told them off, to take a hike with their sorry job.

13. What did YOU dislike about College?

LOSER: College was a blast, however, my grades suffered. Anyway, got a degree and I’m ready for the future and a big salary. Some folks think I partied too much and skipped class, but I made it out with a big 2.0 and finished with a degree in ??, I forget. Not too bad when I only went to class 1/2 the time. Got notes from my current girlfriend/boyfriend.

14. What was your GPA?

WINNER: Fortunately, I had a good foundation from High School, but still had to really work hard for a 3.8 GPA. 4.0 would have been nice, but it was just a little beyond my reach at the time. I did take time out to be a member of the Singing Group of America where we traveled around the country to perform at patriotic gatherings.

LOSER: Finished with a BIG 2.0. I thought that was super. Anything higher meant studying too much, no FUN time. I did OK. Maybe nothing to brag about, I guess. Lots of us hung out at the PUB every afternoon until it closed around midnight. Talked a lot, had a few beers, you know.

15. What are YOUR short-term GOALS?

WINNER: I’m looking for a challenge, something that I can FOCUS on with my FULL attention ~ something of real VALUE ~ something I believe in and can feel good about. I’d like to be a team member with a group of hard workers with a plan ~ a goal ~ a chance to excel and achieve success.

LOSER: I’ve never given much thought to setting goals. Right now, I just need a job to pay my college bills and to find a place to live. My parents are about ready to throw me out of the house. Any job is fine with me, I just need to make some money quickly or my girl/boyfriend is going to leave.

16. Who is YOUR guiding mentor?

WINNER: My Dad is #1 as my role model. He’s owned his own business for the last 20 years and I’ve seen him handle lots of UP and DOWN days without losing his cool. Another friend, Bob, has been there for me every time I’ve had a need. I want to be that kind of friend and supporter as often as possible.

LOSER: To tell the truth, my Dad was a loser, Mom, too. No role models at my house or even in the family that I can think of. I had two older brothers but they got into a lot of trouble. At the moment, no one comes to mind that I’d call a role model.

17. How would YOUR FRIENDS describe you?

WINNER: Most of my friends would say I was conservative, but outgoing. Some would say that I enjoy having a good time with my college buddies. We talked about the future, our goals, plans to work. My work supervisors would say, I’m a hard worker, a leader, a good friend, someone you can count on in a pinch whenever needed.

LOSER: They’d probably say I’m a fun guy. Likes to “get down”. Has a “few” with his buddies and that I enjoy STRONG man competition and usually come out the winner. Some know me at the bar, so would likely say, I drink too much on the weekend. But, hey! ~ I like having a good time, don’t you?

18. Are there any HIDDEN SKELETONS in your past?

WINNER: Not that I can think of. Not any that would cause any regrets. Integrity and honest dealings with others has always been my goal. My life is basically an “open book” so please feel free to check my work history and school records, too.

LOSER: Well, everybody has a few. None of us are perfect. How about YOU? Some of my teachers didn’t like my attitude, but that was their problem. Driving record probably carries 4 or 5 points, but no big deal. Mostly speeding, one DUI in the last 3 years, but I went to group therapy for better focus.

There’s NO perfect way to ALWAYS get the JOB. All of us have a certain amount “baggage” from our past that stays with us. Stay FOCUSED on the interview ~ giving the right ANSWERS to every question ~ will move YOU to the head of the line in front of the other job candidates.

Most of us have been influenced by our parents, our grandparents, our teachers, our preachers, our peers, while others may not have had those quality influences in their lives… they’ve been influenced by a LACK mentality with few values – low morals – low self-esteem.

‘Q and A’ Action Tip Suggestions:

Make ‘flash cards’ to practice with. On one side of an index card, write the question, and on the other side write your positive answer. Practice these by yourself first, then have a family member or friend ‘act as the interviewer’ while you deliver your answers to them in a ‘test interview’. Enjoy your interviews and know success is coming soon.

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