Are You a Class Clown? A Simple Clown Costume Guide

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Although many teachers might appear bothered by the work of the class clown, it is their contribution that determines the success of the teachers lesson. When the eighty percent of students (sitting behind the front row), slowly start closing their eyes and drift off into a world of dreams, the avid class clown finds an opportunity to work. Saving the teachers calculus lesson from entering a path leading to extinction, the class clown provides comedy and the stimulation needed to bring the class back to life.

Through making inappropriate comments, flying paper airplanes, and setting off whoopee cushions the class clown tries different techniques to entertain a dying class. More experienced clowns will use creative means such as turning on music and television equipment through remote controls.  Others might choose to disperse the remains of a year’s supply of small hole punches or a thousand piece bags of rubber bands around the room. If you are lucky, you might recall knowing a class clown who performed daring tricks such as spit balls.

If your unsure of what do be this Halloween, consider the pros of being a class clown.

Not only will you have the chance to be remembered in the year book as funniest man on campus, but every graduate will have you to thank.  Furthermore, you will have acquired the skills necessary to revive the most monotonous of future endeavors including business meetings.  So if your high school days are behind you, live the life of the class clown you never were.

Assembling the costume is quite easy. Start by pulling out your old high school trunk that is hidden somewhere at the back of your closet. Your favorite pair of warn out jeans and sneakers that you loved too much to throw a way will now come in handy. Head to your local mall kiosk or printing shopping in order to find a humorous t-shirt. The more insulting the slogan or picture on the front side the better.

Besides from ensuring that your outfit is comfortable for sitting back in a classroom chair, make sure that it has plenty of pockets for holding your prank accessories. Carrying a backpack will be beneficial for larger items such as the whoopee cushion, but with pant pockets you can dramatically reduce the time it takes to access your weapons of destruction.

Often overlooked, hair of the class clown is a crucial component of the character. Playing tribute to the most notorious of class clowns, you will want to wear the style of Zach Morris.

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