Another LG Chocolate Cell Phone Review

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The first thing you will notice about the LG Chocolate cell phone is its sleek design. This phone is a slider phone which is one of its many unique qualities. If you like your cell phone to have color, well you’re in luck…this phone comes in a variety of different colors such as Black, White, Red, Ice Blue, Mint Green, and yes for the ladies Strawberry Pink. If you have seen pictures of this phone then you will know that all these colors look great on it.

When you are sliding this phone upwards the LG’s screen shows up crystal clear and bright. Also on the upper portion (with the screen) is a wheel that you click very much like an Apple iPod. The screen is also touch sensitive. The lower portion of the phone is the phone’s keypad with (you guessed it) letters and numbers which is always a great addition for any cell phone on which you would like to make a call or text message one of your friends from. If you are one of the many people out there who like to know the time and date don’t worry, when you turn on the LG Chocolate cell phone the time and date will automatically appear on the screen (works just as well as any wrist watch). You will like the fact that this phone is thin and can fit in your pants pocket or shirt pocket, which makes it easy to carry around with you.

Pros of an LG Chocolate Cell Phone:

1. Listen to music on it. You can buy a sandisk for it, it has 1 GB of memory and you can store up to 250 song titles of your favorite music or you can share the 1 GB of memory between your songs, music, and videos.

2. You can get music for your phone from your own Cd’s, burn them, and then sync them at home using Windows Media. If you don’t have your own CD collection or if you like to buy your songs one by one, you can buy music from VCAST (which is Verizon’s version of iTunes) which is easy to do and fun to browse.

3. This cell phone has a 1.3 mega-pixel camera in it, which takes satisfactory pictures and you can display them on your phone.

4. You can keep track of all your many contacts. The LG Chocolate phone has a search function so you can find your contacts quickly and easily.

6. Blue-tooth compatible.

7. All the different tools such as a calender (never forget an important date again), an alarm clock (you can set it so you can wake up to your favorite song), a world clock (so you know what time it is in Russia), a notepad, a calculator, and a tip calculator (never give the incorrect tip again).

Cons of an LG Chocolate Cell Phone:

1. This phone has poor performance in data file transfer through cables at a rate of just under 1MB per second. The wait time increases when transferring a lot of music or video file at one time. Your file connection is through Active Sync, this means the files will go through the processor which further slows the transfer rate. Get yourself a card reader.

2. Short battery life. Avid texters will find their battery life to be less than desirable. On average the battery will run out after about 300 texts. This is short compared to phones with thicker batteries.

3. Vibration off on touch sensitive keys. If the vibration feature on the touch sensitive keys is turned off it is impossible to tell if your keystroke has been recognized or not. If any lag occurs during the process your stroke may to recognized multiple times putting you on an undesirable page.

If you can get past the cons of an LG Chocolate cell phone, it really is a great phone. This phone has everything you need all in the palm of your hand.

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