America’s Favorite Disney Princess Movie

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Disney princesses are so popular among little girls and adults alike. There is something within their goodness and strength that appeals to young and old alike. While Disneyland is one of the most popular destination vacations on earth, Disney movies are items we can take with us when we travel, or simply watch at home making them convenient and a fun way to spend our time.

The most popular Disney movie of all time, according to a recent survey, indicate Snow White is number one. Snow White with her beautiful singing voice and flowing yellow, red, and blue dress has captivated audiences for decades. She is the post popular princess because she is fun, smart, witty, and of course beautiful.

The second most popular Disney movie is Peter pan. While there is no traditional princess in Peter Pan, Tinkerbell is a favorite among fairy lovers. Some even consider her to be a princess in her own right. She is beautiful and smart, just like Snow White, and super smart and kind just like the other princesses you might associate with Disney movies.

Next, is Sleeping Beauty in her signature, flowing pink dress and beautiful long blonde hair. While she sleeps in a deep, magical sleep under a spell, her prince kisses her and brings her back to life, a life worth living with your true love. Sleeping Beauty is one of the most popular princess dress up costumes on the market, so it’s no wonder that Sleeping Beauty is a favorite among Disney movie fans,

Third, don’t forget Cinderella! Cinderella is the quintessential princess with her flowing blue dress ready for a ball with her glass slipper in toe. Many young girls or adults can identify with her sweet personality and her ability to overcome amid overwhelming circumstances. She is a strong adult and willing to suffer through increasing hardships to eventually see the light at the end of the tunnel.

The fourth most popular Disney movie, is of course, Beauty and the Beast, starring princess Belle, meaning Beauty. Belle is the smartest in her villiage and turns down the most eligible bachelors in town because she is more interested in reading books. The looks beyond the outward appearance of the Beast, and falls in love easily with his gentle nature. Not only does her name reflect her inner beauty, but she is beautiful outwardly as well. What little girl does not love her amazing yellow dress, meant to twirl and turn at the ball.

Last, but not least, is the Little Mermaid, with princess Ariel, daughter of an undersea king who prefers not to let Ariel out of his sight. She collects human artifacts and makes a deal with the sea witch to get legs and meeting the sailor she loves, princes Eric. She is beautiful with her flowing red hair and her fun personality.

Whether your favorite is Cinderella or Tinkerbell, Disney movies are a great way to spend your spare time!

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