Advantages of Handmade Shirts

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The handmade shirt has a long history worldwide and its popularity in recent years demonstrates that there is still a wealth of individuals who like the tailored look.

Perhaps they’re businessmen who need to make an impression, or they’re just people who take pride in what they wear, but no matter what their motivation, the handmade bespoke shirt is here to stay.

However, at times the cost of a tailor made shirts has been well outside the realm of possibility of many men, but in recent years the rise in popularity of the handmade shirt has meant that prices aren’t quite so steep, with shirts now available under £75.00.

Most famously Jermyn Street is at the hub of the handmade mens shirts industry and sat in the district of Westminster. It’s part of an area that has been termed the ‘Gentleman’s Streets’ on account of it being a place where a man can literally get ‘kitted out’ with a new wardrobe and pick up a shave at the same time.

They can go to Savile Row to have their suit measured then take a leisurely stroll around the corner to get the shirt to match. A testament to the importance of the handmade shirt to the modern man is the amount of people who travel from the USA and beyond to get their made-to-measure shirt, year on year.

So what is in a jermyn street shirt that you can’t get from the High Street? Well quality is a main factor, the many years of experience offered to the creation of a handmade shirt is second to none, the sewing is beautifully accurate – no loose ends and probably the most important factor is that the shirt is comfortable to wear because it’s made-to-measure for the individual.

You can choose the fabric, collar and single or double cuff designs so that you can design your perfect mens shirts, which for those that like to look good is perhaps as much a perfect proposition as it is a perfect shirt.

But aside from the perfect fit, perhaps the biggest motivation for getting yourself kitted out in a tailor made shirts is the desire to stand out from the crowd. If you walk into any bar you’ll see dozens of men wearing the same type of jermyn street shirt. They’ll all be a similar style, fit, and cut. They’ll also probably all be from the same shop.

Wouldn’t it be nice to be the one man who’s wearing a completely original, hand-made shirt that fits like a glove and looks truly amazing? A shirt that skims your shoulders perfectly, with sleeves that fit your arms to the millimetre, and a collar that neither chokes you, or gapes open round the neck.

So you can see why the bespoke, tailor made shirts still lives on today despite it being an historical trend. It just goes to show that there will always be a market for the man who wants to look his best, and wear clothing that is comfortable, stylish, and completely original.

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