Advantages and Disadvantages of Armpit Sweat Pads

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If you have an underarm sweating problem, you have probably tried a variety of solutions so that you either sweat less or you cover up the sweat better so that you won’t have to worry about the problem as much. While finding something that might work for you is difficult, one thing that you could potentially look into is something called an armpit sweat pad.

The advantage of these is what they are designed to do is to absorb sweat before they get to your outer clothing. The sweat can be soaked up so that others around you won’t notice that there are moist spots in your underarm area.

Many of these come in dresses that can attach to the underarm area. For men there are shirts designed that have attachments for these or the shirt itself is made so that it comes with a pad in it to absorb any sweating issues. This gives you an extra layer of defense.

Another advantage of this is that if you have a bit more confidence that your sweat won’t show, it will lower your social anxiety. The advantage of this is that the more relaxed you are, the less you end up sweating.

There are some downsides to these as well. Since there is extra material in the underarm area, there won’t be as good of air circulation. Heat can build up causing you to sweat a bit more than if you didn’t have so much padding in that area. You can end up feeling more sticky and uncomfortable even if other people don’t notice.

A second issue to be concerned with is that while others might not see the sweat, eventually it can still be smelled. These sweat pads become soaked cloths of sweat which will stink. While some are made to dry quickly, at times this isn’t possible if you continue to sweat when you are out.

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