Academics and Fitness at AMM School – Chennai School

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What you see – This Matriculation Higher Secondary School is an ISO 9001 certified educational institution that is run by the AMM Foundation. This foundation runs eight other institutions in various parts of Tamil Nadu.

Located on Gandhi Mandapam Road, it sits neatly on two acres. They have a well-maintained campus surrounded by a starch white compound wall, uncluttered by shops and infringements. The white buildings are highlighted with light bluish grey windows and awning to keep the effect of monsoons at bay.

There is a separate section for the kindergarten school. The strength of each class at this level is under 30 in each of the three sections. They have a lab for children who are slow to pick up the lessons taught or those who are inattentive. Practical aids are given to help children imbibe the theory.

Math, Science and Computer labs are well-appointed and so are activity rooms for the arts, craft and music, dance and drama.

Kindergarten to Class 2 students have a uniform comprising blue half pants and striped shirts. Classes 3 to 8 have half pants with collared shirts while classes higher than that (till Class 12) have the same combination, with trousers substituting the half pants.

What you get – They encourage value based education through experiential learning. Academics as well as physical fitness are given equal importance. They encourage a variety of games and exercises. Notably, they teach Silambam or the ancient martial art of fighting with a pole popularized in many a Tamil movie. Boys as well as girls learn it here.

Co-curricular activities like Western as well as Indian dance, music and art forms are encouraged. They also have active debates and elocution.

The school’s annual magazine is called ‘Vistas’ and the motto of the school is, rather aptly, “Strive and Thrive”. The curriculum followed is the state syllabus of Tamil Nadu (SSC).

Computer Science is introduced at the upper kindergarten level itself as an additional subject. It is an English medium school, with Tamil compulsory for Classes 1 and 2 and Hindi optional from Class 1. From Class 8, Sanskrit and French are optional.

They have assessment tests and report cards with objective analysis of the child’s progress. Parents can interact with teachers on certain Mondays and Tuesdays of the month in routine course.

The annual fees work out to roughly Rs. 20,000, paid per trimester at the beginning of each year. The one time admission fee is Rs. 4,500 roughly. Timings for kindergarten are from 9 AM to 1 PM and for the rest of the school from 8 AM to 2.30 PM. The school has two buses and two vans that ply an area of 3 to 5 kilometer radius around the school.

Our verdict – We found a cheerful atmosphere at the school. Inclusion of Silambam in their activities impressed us too. Research and experimentation are also encouraged here, courtesy their Project Day. So if you are looking for good state syllabus schools and live in the surrounding areas of Kotturpuram, this could be worth a try.

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