A Woman’s Guide to the First Date

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Dating can seem like a fairly difficult process. There’s always the issue of trying to make sure we impress the other person while still being ourselves and not turning them off. This can seem awfully difficult at times, and for women it can be even harder because quite a few of them don’t seem to know what a guy really wants. How do you attract a guy? What’s the best way to impress him and make sure you don’t frighten him away? Do men prefer cheap thrills or a classy, confident girl more? There are more ideas and misconceptions about men and dating that it can actually make it seem like a very big and scary thing. Fortunately though, this isn’t the case at all. Real dating is actually a lot simpler than it can seem, and it’s a very fun and enjoyable process as long as you know what you’re doing!

Dating can be a complicated process, but to simplify things, I break it all down into two categories: Long-term and short-term dating. Long term consists of the bulk of the relationship, once the two of you know each other pretty well and become more dedicated to each other and start a real relationship. Short term refers to that beginning period of four or more dates where you’re still getting to know each other, and you’re trying to “catch” them. This time period can be extremely important – first impressions are key, and often decide whether or not you’ll make it the long term part. Because of this pressure, there seem to arise certain issues for women that stem from a lack of understanding of the opposite sex and how they view things. How you go about handling these is an important matter – first impressions make up the bulk of how we perceive a person. I’m going to go into a few of these issues, and give you some insight on how we men really feel about them.

Eating seems to be a strange and yet not uncommon issue for women on a first date. It’s very small and the most unimportant, but it seems many girls tend to get mildly nervous about what to eat in front of a man. It seems a lot of women are worried about how they might appear if they order something like a cheeseburger or those onion rings, and instead end up ordering something leafy and green. They think that eating a normal meal in front of a man will make him think less of her, or that she’s a pig! But is this really the case?

Of course not. All a guy really wants out of a date is to have a fun and interesting time. He wants to enjoy your company, and can you guess the most effective way to ensure this is happening? Being yourself and making sure you are acting comfortably and naturally around him. Order something you enjoy eating, and let him know that you’re enjoying it! If you normally would order that cheeseburger then order it. – Just make sure you have table manners! If you’re already on a date with the man, it means that he already thinks you’re attractive. He really doesn’t care if you look the way you look eating greasy cheeseburgers or leafy green veggies, he just knows that he’s on a date and having a good time with you. Eating like a rabbit isn’t going to make him think any more of you, and you’re a lot better off just eating what you like and being comfortable around him.

Now we’re on to how to dress, and it’s typically cause for much more distress. What should you wear? Should you wear clothes that are flashy, that show a lot of skin, and just try to reel him in with sheer physical attraction? Women understand that men have a strong attraction to the female body, and the logic is that if you let him see a little more of yours, he’ll want to get to know you better. So, does it work this way?

Not at all. Of course men are attracted to the female body. But that is completely irrelevant when it comes to dating him. Any good guy isn’t going to stick around a girl just because she dresses in loose or flirtatious styles. I mean, think about it, do you honestly think that strippers have loving, respecting, compassionate relationships? No, of course not. They would probably have chosen a different career choice if that were the case. Men very much find the female body attractive, but they don’t really date promiscuous girls. You can attract a man and have him respect you at the same time. – Of course clothing is important in that aspect, but of far more importance is a girl’s attitude. There is nothing, and I cannot stress this more, that a man finds sexier than a confident girl. There is nothing more attractive than a girl who knows she’s got a lot to be proud of. Barely there clothing does not send the message of confidence to a guy. – It practically screams insecurity. Make sure to dress classy and attractively. Men’s tastes vary drastically, there are plenty of guys who think that a t shirt on a girl is absolutely gorgeous, while others are much more attracted to more formal attire. No matter what your body type, just find clothes that fit you well, but don’t show your entire body off for the world to see. You’re a woman, use that fashion sense and find an outfit that looks great on your body type. When it all comes down to it, men don’t want to date a street walker.

Arguably the most important and potentially most challenging is how to stir up great conversation. There are two gaping holes you want to avoid falling into known as “Awkward silence” and “Overbearing and flaky.” Running between these two bottomless chasms is a narrow piece of land, and you want to make sure you stay on top of it. The problem? When two people first get together, they are generally a little concerned with what the other person thinks, and saying all the right things, so the genuine conversation takes a hard blow. This is a huge problem, because the quickest way to get someone to like you is to get them talking! If you can establish good, natural conversation, you’ve made a huge step. It’s just so much easier to fall into one of the two holes, and have mostly awkward silence where you aren’t sure what to say, or you bring up topics and say things just to break the air, and it comes across as nervous and comfortable. This, in turn, will only make the situation worse. So how do you solve this – how do you get conversation flowing and on the right track?

Just make sure to get him talking! And the fortunate part about this is that, with a little bit of thought put into it, it’s very easy. Just stop for a moment and think about the way we humans are naturally. – We all enjoy talking about things that interest us. Our pastimes, our hobbies, the things we do in our spare time or the things we are passionate about. The most effective way to get a person to talk to you is to start up a conversation about something they’re interested in! There’s a trick to this though, as you have to make sure you do this completely naturally. You have to seem like you’re at least interested in learning about the topic. Let’s say you’re on a date with a man who plays football. Asking him the question, “So, uh, you play football, don’t you?” is going to sound a bit forced or uninterested. He’s a football player, so obviously he really enjoys playing it! – Once you can get him to really start talking about it, you’ll have him in the palm of your hand! Ask him how long he’s been playing football, or how he got into it! Sound genuine in your questions! Now this is a double-punch for you, as not only are you getting him to happily and excitedly talking, you’re also learning a lot more about him to talk about in the future. If a man is opening up to you and talking to you about the things he’s enjoying, he’s going to have a good time, and come to respect you as a good listener.

Men are not all that complicated or hard to understand, but we really do deserve a lot more credit than we’re given. The majority of good guys are not out looking for a cheap thrill under the sheets or a pretty face and a good body to cling to an arm. – What a guy really wants when he’s dating a girl is a happy and enjoyable time with a person he feels comfortable being around. In a relationship, all a guy wants is a friend he can share everything with, someone to enjoy himself with, and someone we respect as an individual. Remember, on your first few dates with a guy to dress classy and confidently, but be yourself, and don’t worry about ordering the cheeseburger or fries. And remember to keep the conversation flowing. Stick with these tips and you’re sure to have a good time on any date!

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