A Top Rated Fragrance Elizabeth Taylor’s White Diamonds Perfume

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Nothing can beat the elegance of a classic, even when it comes to fragrances. This is probably the reason why during a survey by Euromonitor, the signature fragrance of the Elizabeth Taylor’s White Diamonds Perfume, is still the best selling perfume designed by a celebrity in the whole world. It has sold over 67.2 million dollars since 2008.

Elizabeth Taylor was the one who started it all: the glamorous celebrity status and the signature fragrances in her name. Shania Twain, Paris Hilton, Sarah Jessica Parker, J Lo and many other celebrities have followed in her footsteps, releasing a signature scent of their own. However, their fragrance pale in comparison to the iconic superstar’s White Diamonds Partum. It was a collaboration between Liz Taylor and Elizabeth Arden back in 1991 that really pushed this scent to sell. In 2010, it’s to celebrate its 19th anniversary. Imagine that! It’s been decades and the fragrance still lives on, and remains a favorite even among celebrities.

Second to rge Elizabeth Taylor’s White Diamonds Perfume, is Unforgivable by P. Diddy or Sean John Coms. Combs.Ever since, he’s been number two to White Diamonds, continuing with his second scent, I Am King.

Celine Dion and Sarah Jessica parker are in third and fourth spots with their wonderful scents. Celine Dion named her perfume after herself. Sarah Jessica Parker on the other hand, named hers ‘Lovely’. Meanwhile, the diva, Jennifer Lopez, keeps it real at number seven with her perfume, Glow by J-Lo. These ladies have a lot planned in the future, as they follow in Liz Taylor’s footsteps. Released just before the movie sequel of Sex and the City, Sarah Jessica Parker released SJP NYC in February. This is her most recent scent. Meanwhile, Jennifer Lopez has decided to revamp her existing fragrance, Glow, into another fruity, floral scent called Blue Glow. As you’ll remember, Elizabeth Taylor’s signature scents have a distinct, fruity, floral scent as well. Coincidence?

Meanwhile, Britney Spears has also jumped into the fragrance bandwagon started by Elizabeth Taylor. With her signature scent, curious, she went number eight on the best selling celebrity perfume list. Despite of the troubled pop star’s personal life, she has still managed to find a way to make it work to her advantage. She channels Liz Taylor with her problematic divorce and life in the media spotlight. Jennifer Lopez’s other signature fragrance called Still hits number ten.

Coty is the company to trust when it comes to most of these signature fragrances. They are trusted by high rolling celebrities like Jennifer Lopez, Celine Dion and Sarah Jessica parker. However, if you’re looking for the collaboration which stands the test of time, it’s Elizabeth Taylor with Elizabeth Arden in with White Diamonds. It still remains a favorite among women, and is a staple in every purse. In 2010, more celebrities will be trying to top Elizabeth Taylor’s White Diamonds Perfume, including Kim Kardashian, Fergie, Beyonce, and Eva Longoria. Can they live up to the Elizabeth Taylor standard?

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