A Personal Fashion Statement – The Denim Shirt

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Denim has been associated with comfort for a very long time now. Denim jeans are a rage all over the world, but not a lot of attention has been paid to the denim shirt. These shirts keep coming back to the fashion scene at regular intervals of time. The best part about these shirts is that they go well with almost everything and they are very comfortable to wear.

Denim is associated with being casual and trendy. However, the way the denim shirt turns out depends entirely on the way it is designed. A shirt made of denim can look absolutely formal and stunning, if it is stitched in that particular fashion. Most of the leading men’s clothing brands have a special section for these kinds of shirts. Designers claim that denim is a material that gives them a lot of scope to experiment with. This means that you can expect to see a wide variety of designs for any given denim shirt.

Denim is available in a wide variety of colors and textures. You can pick the shirt which is made to fit your choice. It is advisable for men not to get very excited with colorful denim shirts because more often than not, these end up looking tacky. As far as the fabric is concerned, the lesser the weight of the denim fabric, the better it is considered to be. Colors like black and blue are the classic ones that will always look good in denim shirts. Although double denim works well sometimes, it is safest to wear your shirt with trousers to prevent a denim overdose sort of speak.

There are hardly any mens shirt designs that cannot be manufactured with denim fabric. Whether it is long sleeved or sleeveless, slim collared or not, long or short, all kinds of denim shirts look good on most men. Designers come up with different designs every season, which break myths about the use of denim. Different kinds of fits, styles and patterns are introduced every season. Denim can also be washed and there are certain washing effects that look great on the fabric. They give the shirt a faded look, which projects a very casual attitude and is the ideal attire for a day out or a weekend.

A lot of men steer clear from a denim shirt because they think it might not suit their body type. The fact, however, is that denim looks good on every possible body type. If you ensure that you are wearing a cut that compliments your body, then there is nothing better looking and more comfortable than a denim shirt.

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