A Mother’s Day Poem

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Happy Mother’s Day

This is not just a saying but a well-deserved honorable mention.

Mothers of any race, color, or creed are the most truly overworked, under paid, underappreciated of the human race. I am not waving the feminist flag, but I am raising my voice to say to my own Mother… “Thank You”; and to all the other Moms of the world, kudos to you too.

As the saying goes, a mother’s work is never done; no truer words have been spoken. When the Lord wake us up, we hit the floor running (literally); especially if you have small children.

Sleep still in your eyes, they don’t care, all they want to know is what I am going to wear. I don’t want the blue shirt, and I can’t fit that dress any more, and can we go get some candy at the corner store?

Who’s going to drive us to school, and to the game, my classmate called me out of my name. Is breakfast ready? I don’t want no eggs. Mommy, mommy come on get out of the bed.

Out the bed you drag yourself, putting on a brave face; mentally checking off all the demands and request, as you try not to mismatch to badly as you get dressed.

Okay, okay, get your shoes out of the fridge, and put on your eggs, we will stop at the doctors’ and get some bread.

By the time you are fully awake; you have vacuumed the floors, washed 20 loads of clothes, fold every towel and bath cloth, even hung a couple of doors. This may seem a little farfetched, and to a degree maybe so… but in reality sometimes this is how it really could go.

So, Happy Mother’s Day to you Moms of the world; I salute you too, cause without Moms: Oh what, Oh what would we do?

Would say to our daddy, can you please tie my shoe, or can you braid my hair like mommy do? Daddy, daddy, why don’t you tell Billy to stop pulling my hair, I know why… it’s because he’s a boy just like you, and you just don’t care.

I’m telling mommy, she’ll get you straight; mommy always know what to do, you’ll see, you just wait.

Isn’t it wonderful to have such a view, I know, I know only some of this is true; but in reality this really is what some moms do. (Smile)

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