A List of Great Scary Movies to Watch From Recent Years

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Horror movies have become a bustling business in Hollywood. With relatively low cost of production and a generally solid return at the box office, horror films are churned out every year in a big way. One thing is certain. People like to be scared at the movies. Over the past few years, there have been some pretty awful horror films. But amongst the bad, there have been some great ones. I’ll give some basic plotlines but will not be giving spoilers.

Vampires have been in the media in a big way for the past few years. Unfortunately most movies they have been in are more about love and less about horror. Even though it was not a perfect film, I thoroughly enjoyed 30 days of night for this exact reason.

Forget about the fact that it is a scary movie, The Ring is just an awesome film. The plot is captivating and a great movie to watch for anyone who wishes they liked horror films but have a hard time getting through it. It is scary but incredibly entertaining, and Naomi Watts gives a great performance.

Another incredibly frightening film, which has somewhat of a realistic feel to it is 28 Days Later. Starring the great Irish actor Cillian Murphy in his breakout role, this film takes place in the United Kingdom following a devastating disease where most of the country has become very…”sick.” This is more than just a zombie movie; it is an incredibly suspenseful film that has a somewhat post-apocalyptic feel to it.

My favorite horror film in recent memory however goes to The Descent. It is a story about 5 girls who go exploring in an unmarked cave and well, as you can imagine, everything pretty much goes wrong. I won’t say anymore, but The Descent is definitely a horror film worth seeing.

While remakes generally are not good, I very much enjoyed The Hills Have Eyes remake. It was scary, over the top, horrific, and even funny at times. I will not go into details, but there is one scene in this movie that has stayed with me, and is certainly not for the squeamish.

Finally, Sunshine, by Academy Award winning director Danny Boyle is another fantastic film. While it may not be a true horror film per se, its plot is scary and realistic and at the very least, it can be called suspenseful.

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