7 Ways to Spice Up Your Sex Life and Strengthen Your Relationship

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Making your sex life interesting through the years of marriage can be a challenge. It has truly become a challenge that most women are faced with finding techniques, tips, new ideas and many other ways to spice up your sex life and to please your man in bed. Here are some of them that you might find useful.

(1) Don’t stick to the same old routine and change venues. It is a common knowledge that marriages and relationships can dwindle down or lose spark after a few years, so don’t allow your relationship to follow the same path. Even in the bedroom, you have to find some ways to spice up your sex life and break that monotonous lovemaking routine. You can explore other exciting places to do the lovemaking or you can explore other positions. Indeed, it doesn’t have to be always in the bedroom. Discover the many ways to please your man in bed as well.

(2) It may be through what you eat. Some effective ways to spice up your sex life may be through what you eat. If you are the cook in the house, adding some of the healthy aphrodisiac foods can be one of the great ways to spice up your sex life. Oysters are one of the best and most popular aphrodisiac that you may want to add in your diet.

(3) Check what you are wearing to bed. If you are now wearing that oversized T-shirt instead of that sexy lingerie, you might want to start spicing up your sex life by being sexy in bed. Keep in mind that men are easily turned on by what they see – so play with their eyes.

(4) It’s all in the mind. Great lovemaking is aided by the power of the mind. If your mind is not conditioned to enjoy lovemaking, the act can eventually become a chore. Keep in mind that intimacy and lovemaking are major elements of marriage and keeping them burning alive is a great challenge in the relationship. You may want to condition your mind by practicing meditation or even learning to focus on the act, being aware of your body’s sensations and really enjoying the act.

(5) Pay attention to the non-sexual ways of pleasing each other. You may say this is for women, but most men would surely appreciate some gentle massage after work. Hugging your partner and taking time to touch each other’s body without getting to that sexual zones can be a great way too to enhance your intimacy and strengthen your relationship too.

(6) Yes, you can talk about it out of the bedroom. Putting the topic out of the bedroom can also be a good way to ignite the feelings and passion with one another. Learn flirting with each other. You can email him, talk to him on the phone, or some other creative ways to tell him how much you want him. Be careful with this tip though, especially if there are children around and when you are calling him on the office.

(7) And yes, you can talk dirty. Talking dirty has now become one of the ways to spice up your sex life, as it turns on men too. However, you have to be careful and learn how to say things, what to say and the right place to say it to make you successful in seducing and spicing up your sex life. Be careful also of some things that you should never say too. There are definitely dirty talks that can also turn off the partner, so be aware of them.

These tips can be simple but they can also be a god start in keeping the passion alive between you and your partner.

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