’60s Fancy Dress – 3 Groovy Outfit Suggestions to Wear to the Sixties Costume Party Or Disco

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After seventies outfits, ’60s fancy dress costumes are probably the most popular outfits for dressing up in from any era. The stylish costumes are really suitable for dancing in, which is one of the reasons why they are often worn at themed discos and nightclubs up and down the country.

There are lots of different styles and fashions from the sixties, which was a time when the fashion industry exploded like it has never done before or since. For this reason, there really are loads of different types of 60’s fancy dress outfits to choose from, when planning your outfit for the party, and here are 3 groovy costume suggestions that you may want to consider when making your decision.

Retro groove style

This is perhaps the type of outfit most of us think about when we imagine what female costumes from the sixties look like. Tight mini dresses, with outrageous designs, whether it be the infamous black and white large checked print or the vintage paisley patterns.

Of course the sexy mini dresses would not be complete without a matching headband and of course a pair of white Go-Go boots. The Go-Go boot is perhaps the number one icon of sixties fashion and just look great on the dance floor as you strut your stuff to some groovy sounds.

If you are going to go for that retro groove look, you may also want to look at getting a peaked hat, to match your dress, or perhaps even a 60’s style wig, which will add that little touch of authenticity to your outfit.

Beatles outfits

By far my favourite 60’s fancy dress outfit for the lads are the range of superb Beatles costumes that are currently available online. Whether you go for the early sixties clean-cut style or the latter day flower power look, Beatles outfits really offer a great looking male costume for the 1960’s themed party.

The familiar grey “British Invasion” suit, with black lapels and a shirt and tie, will give you a fresh-faced look, just do not forget to get a short black mop-top Beatles’ style wig to go with it. Meanwhile, if you prefer the Beatles’ image towards the end of the sixties, then there are some absolutely amazing Sgt. Pepper’s costumes now available.

Hippy costumes

A cool looking 60’s fancy dress costume for both the guys and girls is of course the hippy outfit. These range from flared, multi-coloured, psychedelic outfits to short and sexy Love Child costumes.

Whatever hippy style you go for, do not forget to buy the one must-have hippy accessory, the famous peace pendant, which became the symbol for a whole generation.

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