5 Ways How To Spice Up Your Love Life On Halloween

Life can get somehow dull after you and your partner have moved in together. But life can also be full of passion if you know how to make things a little bit more spiced. All you need to have is a bit of imagination and to get really creative.

And Halloween, offers you the best opportunity to spice things up. Here are 5 ways to spice up your love life on Halloween:

  • Treat or trick – instead of inviting kids over for treat or trick, you can always treat your man nicely and he might just show you a trick or two. Give him a good oily massage all over the body, light some candles and have a sexy night. I bet it will be one of the sexiest nights ever.
  • Sexy costumes – nothing says Halloween better than sexy costumes. You can be the nurse and he can be the doctor. Or you both can be superheroes. Regardless of your costumes choice, make sure yours is sexy. You can actually rent two costumes. One for the day and one for the night. Show him how things should be done in your household if you plan to have a sexy Halloween night. Be the naughty nurse that made the hot doctor go crazy about her. Seduce your man and bring him over the roof. He will be incredibly surprised to see your costume and sexy attitude.
  • Spicy food – spicy food will spice up your life on Halloween. And we are definitely not talking metaphorical, but quite literally. If you feel adventurous enough, you can cook the food and eat it off each other’s body. This will definitely turn your partner on. And this is how spicy food can help your sex life.
  • Role-plays – getting into characters can be fun. So instead of spending a dull Halloween at home, go out and find people who do these things. It is a great way of relaxing and getting to know each other better. And who knows, maybe you will find out that you are a great actor or actress. Role-plays are fun to do because you get inside another character and for as long as it lasts, you forget about your real life problems and focus on being there, 100% and giving the best performance of your time.
  • Naked movie watching – if you are not into dirty talking, role plays or sexy costumes, you can stick to the basics. Take some popcorn and other snacks, a movie and watch it. The only trick is that you both need to watch this movie entirely naked. This is the fun of this game. One thing will definitely lead to another and I bet your man won’t be able to take his eyes off of you.

Halloween gives you the perfect excuse to act like a bunch of teenagers, even though you might already have grown up kids who attend college. So I say you take this opportunity and enjoy life a little more.

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