5 Hair Styles Perfect for the Fall Time

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As the crisp crunch of leaves sounds underfoot, the perfect styles for fall may be on your mind. Fall is the perfect time for warm shades of barrettes, sweet hair twists and casual shoulder-length sweeps that frame your face over colorful sweaters and beneath cozy knitted hats. Here are five hairstyles that are perfect to wear during the fall season.

Tight Curls

Fall is the perfect season to feature your tight curls, especially when you have long hair. Create your own tight curls with a curling iron by curling small, one-inch sections separately. Once you finish curling, lightly separate with your fingers for a more natural, flowing look. Spritz your curls with spray to keep them in place. When your hair is already curly, use your favorite gel and let your locks flow freely, or braid a small half-ponytail around your head in a sweet fall circlet. To get semi-permanent curls, head to your salon for a perm. This look works best with slender faces.

Pixie Cut

One of the easiest fall hair styles to sport is the pixie cut. Stars like Charlize Theron, Emma Watson and Miley Cyrus all rock this hair style. Although it also works for hot summer months, the pixie cut elongates your neck and helps show off the high collars on your favorite fall jackets, mock turtleneck sweaters and pop collars of your funkiest fall shirts. The pixie cut also helps you show off dazzling fall earrings, and draws attention to your face. Style your pixie cut softly around your face, or add some gel and spike it up for a punk look to highlight your denim or leather attire.

Soft Layers

For a romantic look this fall, get a soft layered cut and lightly curl your hair for a gentle, touchable look. Curl your hair in one-inch sections toward your face for a soft, turned-in look, and spray with a light hairspray to keep your curls in place. When your hair is naturally curly, wash it as normal and let it air dry while twisted up in a bun. Untie the bun and let your soft curls roll over your shoulders. Pair soft layers with a cashmere sweater and jeans for a fall hayride, or tuck it back with barrettes to pair it with a simple dress for fall semi-formal events.

Fringe Bangs

Long fringe bangs continue to be in style during the fall months. Keep them even and long, down to your eyebrows, for an intellectual look, or add in some layers for depth and style. Highlight bangs for an extra flair, then style them to hide scarring, a large forehead or any other features you do not wish to show. Blow dry and flat iron your long bangs to keep them even, or air dry when you do not have a cowlick to worry over. Bangs work on most face shapes and any hair texture.


Both center and side partings are elegant fall styles that work well with pantsuits, formal wear and casual wear. Part your hair down the center with a comb, and then style it as you wish. Try curling your hair on both sides to combine the soft layers and parting styles. Parting especially works well when you wish to create a longer appearance to your face. For a side part, be sure to part your hair while it is still wet from the shower to create the most definition, then style as you wish.

Mix and match your favorite fall hair styles to create your favorite look. Try a different look with the same outfit to see how you like it before you wear it to any special occasions. Be sure to accessorize when you create your hair style so you know how it goes with your necklace, bracelets and earrings as well as your outfit.

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