10 Things You Can Do Instead of Staying Home Blue

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If the blues have got you down, you need to ship them out. While there is nothing wrong being blue from time to time there is certainly no reason to let them keep you at home. Here are ten things you can do to kick those blues and enjoy life again!

• Get your Karaoke On! Nothing is more fun than singing on or off key with a bunch of other people. This is a certain way to have fun!

• Go shopping! Nothing beats the blues like buying yourself something extra special. Do not go for the obvious choice either; make it a task to find the best thing you absolutely must have.

• Drive. As simple as it sounds, when you roll down the windows and crank up the stereo you will find you start to feel amazing again.

• Go dancing. Check out a club and just be around people dancing and having fun. There is nothing like working up a sweat to make yourself feel great again!

• Hit the movies! Do not stay at home, go check out a first run movie you have been dying to see. Now is the time to do it!

• Bring a box of dog treats to the dog park and start meeting new dogs. You could meet a new friend in the process as well.

• Rent some skates and head off. It is great exercise and can help boost your spirits. Be sure to get the safety equipment too!

• People Watch. Head on down to the park and watch the people there. Create a scenario for everyone there, and think of a way you can connect each one to a greater group.

• Walk the mall. Sometimes window shopping is as much fun as the real thing is. In fact, go into the upscale stores and try on clothes you could never afford. It might irritate the clerk, but it is loads of fun.

• Dance in the rain. If it is not raining, make it rain with your garden house, and just let it all out. This can be a fun way to unwind. People might look at you, but it can help soothe your soul.

So do not waste another moment, get out there and fight those blues. This is a list to start you off with. Go and find something fun to do and fight those blues! Remember life is all about the living.

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